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Automatic Continuous Sublimation System for Aluminium Profile
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Product: Views:76Automatic Continuous Sublimation System for Aluminium Profile 
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Last updated: 2019-02-01 18:37

Our design

We developed the continuous sublimation system, which is a fully automatic process. We invented a new way to keep the vacuum inside the transfer film bag until product comes out from the oven. We have the patent for the new innovation.

The sublimation decoration process is based on the physical reaction between special inks and a powder coated substrate. At the correct temperature and pressure, the pigmented ink transfers from a paper or film carrier and is absorbed into the coating layer. Because the ink has special properties, which can turn from sold phase to vapor phase, so you can see your pattern very clear on powder layer.


Our YM-2 continuous sublimation machine is composed of 8 workings systems.

1) Loading system

Loading system only needs 1 or 2 worker to load aluminum profiles.

2) High speed automatic film bagging system

Our high speed film welding machine can work with much film thickness.

3) Automatic conveying and distribution system

This transportation system can feed profiles through 2 adjacent ovens at the same time, through a smooth and stable process controlled by the intelligent PLC program.

4) Precise constant temperature transfer system

5) Heat recycling system in oven

6) Automatic unloading system

After the profile comes out from the oven, air pressure blows into the film bag to allow easy removal. At the same time, an air duct under the profiles pushes air to cool down the parts. Two smart devices release the bag from both ends of the profile. The finished profiles slide down the receiving chassis without the need for additional handling. Workers remove the finished profiles when the slider is full.

7) Intelligent PLC electric control system

8) Security system


Our YM-2 continuous heat transfer machine has many advantages.

1) High productivity

Production efficiency of YM-2 is 5 times more than traditional heat transfer machine. Each profile stays suitable time inside the oven, so you can get 240-360 bags per hour.

2) High adaptation ability

3) High automation

Each profile starts the process from the loading system, then is carried by rotating arms. Whether repeating profiles in sequence or individually, this process is precisely controlled by the PLC system. The automatic arms locate the piece in the middle of the transportation belt system to feed through the film bagging machine. This is tightly controlled to minimize material waste. Each profile inside the film bag continues on the belt until it reaches the worker. The line speed is adjustable and precisely controlled. As the operator inputs the designated speed, the system adjusts the speed for all motors so the process is coordinated.

4) Constant temperature transfer system-no color difference

5) Labor saving

6) Low energy consumption

7) Beyond European quality

8) Safe and intelligent



POWER: 80KW, 380V, 50HZ